What input field types are available? Which properties do they provide? Is it called row or rows? Never ask again, the IDE cotoolz for Magnolia is here to the rescue.

The tool for Magnolia CMS developer providing a YAML editor for Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, and IntelliJ WebStorm.

Develop great sites faster with cotoolz for Magnolia.


cotoolz for Magnolia validates your dialog, template, and app definition yaml files while you type:

  • Checks Properties,
  • Dialogs,
  • Templates,
  • and Java Classes!

Content Assist

cotoolz for Magnolia provides smart content assist:

  • For Properties,
  • Java Classes,
  • Dialogs,
  • and Templates!


Navigate your code with a simple Ctrl+Click:

  • Jump to Java Classes,
  • Dialogs
  • and Templates!

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